Valorant Zoomer Pop Gun Buddy: How to Claim

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Valorant players can now claim a new, free in-game reward, the Zoomer pop gun buddy. 

To claim the gun buddy, players must have an Amazon Prime account that they can link to their Riot account. Once the two accounts have been linked, the gun buddy should be available to claim in the Valorant client.

The Amazon and Riot Games partnership started in September and has been going strong ever since. Valorant players that have an Amazon Prime account have been receiving an exclusive set of promotional items every month. Last month, they gifted players with 10 radiant points, and in October they gave out the Netter Tretter Gun Buddy.

The Pop Gun Buddy itself looks like a soda can, with the Z label upfront and a Turquoise, Green, and Black color scheme. It’s Valorant’s first Prime Gaming promotional item for the game’s second episode, Formation, which began on Jan.12th.

For those players that are interested in the item but lack an Amazon prime account, they can sign up and get it free for 30 days. So if you see an Amazon Prime exclusive item that you just have to get, you can get at least one, or two with good timing, for free

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