VALORANT player shows off Sova retake arrow for spotting enemies on Icebox’s B site –

Image via Riot Games

To be successful in VALORANT, information is key. And there’s no better agent for that than Sova.

One VALORANT player showcased an excellent Recon Bolt for Icebox’s B site last night, allowing the hunter to scan multiple unsuspecting enemies.

When an attacking team is executing on the B site, they often use smokes or walls to provide cover for the plant. This can make it difficult for defenders to spot opponents amid the chaos. But this player’s Recon Bolt provides a momentary solution to the problem. It’s capable of spotting enemies on B Green, behind Yellow, and near the plant radius.

If the opposing team commits to B, you can rotate from A through the defender’s spawn and launch the Recon Bolt from there. First, go into the corner above B Hut and line up the edge of the left-bounce diamond with a specific point on the structure in front of you. Then, charge the Recon Bolt roughly halfway and it should land on the crane above B Green.

Screengrab via Riot Games

This will spot the majority of the area, giving you a good indication of where the opposing team is. If all of the enemies aren’t spotted by the arrow, there may be a flanker to watch out for.

The player outlined a couple of other lineups for Icebox, including an arrow for the back of A site and a double Shock Dart for B site orb.

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