100 Thieves’ IGL Steel breaks down the map Haven

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Joshua “steel’ Nissan, the in-game lead for 100 Thieves in Valorant, recently broke down Haven map from the attacker’s side.

In a recent video, Nissan explained the various nuances of effective play on the map.

Every level in Valorant has a unique aspect. Icebox is known for its harsh funnels, extremely long sidelines, and an absurd amount of sidelines. Split is accepted for its verticality and multiple levels. Haven’s specialty is its bombsites with multiple choke points. 

As such, defenders have to gamble on which site to focus on. Conversely, attackers have multiple opportunities to fake and rotate on Haven in Valorant.

How to play Haven in Valorant efficiently according to Nissan

Attackers should utilize multiple entry points to carry out several fakes and alerts, establishing a dominance on the map. If players can take defenders away from A long, A sewers, middle, garage, and long C while splitting the defense, it would be straightforward for a Haven attack to come together. 

The ultimate orb at long C is extremely important and easy to acquire. Attackers could come in with a Phoenix wall or a teammate covering with an operator to collect the orb. Sova recon dart could ping any opponents, and Omen or Brimstone smokes to block the vision. The orb should be prioritized for agents whose ultimate would be of a higher effectiveness value, like Phoenix, Jett, or Sova.

Another important aspect of Haven is the mid control. Even if the attackers are not planning for a B site plant, a mid control can prevent defenders from rotating A site to C site or vice versa. An attacker outside the B site could initiate a duel if a defender chooses to rotate through the B site instead of the longer path through the defender spawn. The duel would not be valuable for the defender.

For mid control, Nissan suggests blocking the garage entrance with Jett smoke and moving quickly to the B site. Alternatively, flashing with Phoenix and moving inside the garage could also be a good option.

Nissan mentioned that site A is significant to establish oneself as an attacker. Defenders will have to use a lot of abilities to stop attackers from entering the site. Sometimes it isn’t worth coming to site A early. Rather deny information by placing a Cypher cage or Jett smoke at long and rotate later. If the defenders have to keep more than one person at site A, three people are spread out between B and C.

Nissan shared many such informative strategies about playing in Haven. Fans and aspiring Esports players were more than excited to receive guidance from the IGL of 100 Thieves.

Now fans are asking for more of such Valorant content. Nissan confirmed that his next video would discuss the defender’s role on Haven in Valorant.

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