Smash Ultimate Character Leak

It’s been just over a month since Minecraft’s Steve was added to the Smash line up. Now, a possible leak has surfaced showcasing Kingdom Hearts’ Sora as a playable fighter. Sora has been a popular candidate for Smash Ultimate fans for a long time.

A series of images have appeared online suggesting that Sora could be much closer to appearing in Smash than originally thought. The leaked Smash Bros images don’t show much, but they look like they could potentially be legitimate.

In a post on 4chan, an anonymous user uploaded several photos from Smash Ultimate featuring Sora facing off against Incineroar. The images show Sora’s icon from the character select screen, as well as shots of Sora fighting with Incineroar in the Smash Bros training arena.

As authentic as these images look, they also look eerily similar to other fake Smash Bros character leaks. Some of the stereotypical fake leak criteria being present – like the photos being taken of a TV screen from off angles, no video, and no Final Smash. So there’s a chance this Sora could just be a modded character added into the game by a player.

It’s difficult to say if this leak is the real deal. Ultimate fans will just have to wait until The Game Awards on December 10th to see if Sora is officially unveiled.

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