Heavy Hitters Announces Partnership With Canada’s First Charitable Giving Platform, Charitable Impact

Heavy Hitters Esports is excited to announce a partnership with Charitable Impact, Canada’s first digital giving platform that allows donors to give charitable dollars to the Canadian charity of their choice. 

By partnering with Charitable Impact, Heavy Hitters Esports will connect sponsorship dollars to participants in Heavy Hitters events, like their upcoming holiday 2020 event Smash The Holidays (link to event post). 

Participants will be allocated various portions of funds donated by sponsors as a reward for a wide range of fun and positive behaviours, such as best name, best comeback, most gracious loser, victory, and more. The recipients will in turn be able to donate these funds to the charity of their choice, making the experience meaningful to them! This is all done via the Charitable Impact digital platform.

In short, you get to choose where you want the sponsor’s donation to go! 

Everyone has something they want to change in the world

– Charitable Impact

About Charitable Impact

Charitable Impact was created to help you create the change you want to see in the world. We’re a public foundation that operates as a donor-advised fund. In short, this means you can manage your charitable giving from a single account, which we call the Impact Account.

Our Impact Account comes with powerful tools that help you plan the impact you want to make, and find and give to your favourite charities all from one place. We also connect you to a wider giving community by making it easier to give with friends, family, and others who care about the same things you do.

Along the way, our team is here to offer support and help you achieve your giving goals, whatever they might be.

We’re here for you no matter what causes you choose to support, how much you give, or how experienced you are with charitable giving. Learn more about Charitable Impact here.

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