Heavy Hitters Event – Smash The Holidays

Heavy Hitters Esports is proud to announce our inaugural event, in collaboration with Vancouver Island Smash Ultimate: Smash the Holidays! 

This event is open to participants from the Pacific Northwest and features a $1000 prize pool up for grabs and will feature a number of top players, including Pandarian!

The event runs from Saturday December 19th to Sunday December 20th. Action starts at 1pm PST on the 19th and 6pm PST on Sunday and will be featuring a number of the top local casters – announcements to follow.

We will also be featuring a knockout ladder on the Sunday open to all participants who are knocked out Saturday. There will be fun prizes and a chance to test your skills against other players, meet new people, and have fun!

The event is FREE TO REGISTER and you can register here.

Registration Requirements

  • All tournament attendees must join and be in the Heavy Hitters Discord during the duration of the tournament to become a registered attendee.
  • Once you are in the Discord, please accept the server #📃rules and then go to the #🥊roles channel and give yourself the Smash role. This will unlock the necessary tournament channels.


  • An ethernet adapter is not required but is highly recommended. A wired connection will help ensure a better experience for all competitors.
  • Lag or connection issues deemed unacceptable by TOs will unfortunately result in being disqualified from the tournament.

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