Change Your Fate #20 PNW Only

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Change Your Fate #20 PNW Only

Apr 11, 2021 @ 7:00 pm 11:30 pm PDT

Welcome to Season 2 of the Change Your Fate Wifi Weeklies! With every new season of Change Your Fate, we will be changing some things up with the Ruleset to keep things interesting. For Season 2, MINMIN IS BANNED! (If you get MinMin from Random, that is fine.) The goal of Change Your Fate is to be a fun tournament that also ignites that competitive drive within you. MinMin takes unfun to the extreme, and thus does not fit within the goals for Change Your Fate. This decision may be revisited for Season 3 of Change Your Fate.

Games are Best of 3 until Top 8, where it becomes Best of 5

Open to PNW only. If you’re signed up and not located in the PNW you will be removed from the event (BC/WA/OR/AB)

In order to keep our tournament as fair and lag free as possible, please try to be wired!

Lag Tests are available upon request @chang on discord as we have Sabledetect up and running

We are introducing a new DQ (Disqualification) Clause. If you do not check in for your Winners Round 1, and subsequently your Losers Round 1, resulting in you being DQ completely out of the tournament you will not be allowed to enter the following week. As long as you let a TO know before bracket starts to take you out, or if you’re DQ due to lag you would be excluded from this rule! This is to encourage bracket to run smoothly and efficiently, and prevent people from multitourneying.

Due to the update to the ruleset, stage striking will no longer be an option. Please Strike in the chat section of your sets.

Stage List:
Final Destination
Northern Cave
Pokemon Stadium 2

Small Battlefield
Town and City
Lylat Cruise

Games will be streamed from:


Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland and BC Interior


Super Smash Bros